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Cours sur l'architecture de l'information : organisation de l'information, design web, thesaurus, moteurs et solutions de recherche.


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Un super glossaire reprenant les thèmes de la gestion de l'information moderne :

Data, Information, and Knowledge.
Data Formats : Structured, Unstructured, Semi-Structured.
Data Domains : Operational, Content,System, Authoritative (Master and Reference Data), Analytical, Metadata
Data Classification.
Data Persistance : Relational Database, Disk File System, Multi-Dimensional, In-Memory Database,In-Memory Data Grid, Distributed File Systems, NoSQL (Key-Value,Columnar,Document,Graph)
Data Partitioning ; Relational and Distributed data partitioning
Data Streams / Events
Data Modeling : Relationship Modeling (Conceptual,Logical,Physical) , Dimensional Modeling and NoSQL Modeling 
Data Processing : OLTP, OLAP, Big Data Processing (Volume, Velocity, Variety, Value)
1Information Stores : ODS, Data Mart, Data Warehouse
1Governance : Data Quality, Information Lifecycle Management, Governance for Big Data
1Business Intelligence & Business Analytics.
1Information Architecture : User Experience (UX) and Enterprise Architecture
Common Information Management Standards
Data Modeling : UML,IDEF1X, Crow’s Feet
Data Representation & Interoperability : XML, XML Schema, RDF, UDEF, JPA, JSON
Data Query & Transformation : SQL, SPARQL, CQL, MDX, XMLA, XQuery, XLST
Regulatory : Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), Third Basel Accord (Basel III)
Connectivity and Access : ODBC, JDBC, CMIS, JSR-170, Repository Connectivity
Architecture Principles
Treat All Data as an Asset
Multiple Data Formats.
Standards Based Information Management.
Separation of Concerns
Volume and Velocity
Information Accessibility.
Unified View of Information.
Information Abstraction.
Consistent and Complete Information
1Quality Data.
1Retention of Data
1Flexible and Agile.
Conceptual View
Data Processing : Batch, In-Database, Real-Time, In-Memory, Continuous / Stream Processing
Data Movement : Bulk Data Movement, ETL, E-LT, Logical Data Movement,Parallel Copying, Incremental Data Movement (Change Data Capture (CDC), Data Stream Capture), Data Repplication
Information Governance : Data Quality Management (Profiling and Validation, Cleansing, Standardization, Enrichment, Match and Merge, Exception Management, Data Remediation, ILM
Historical Data Management : Atomix / Process Neutral, Consolidation, Normalization, Versioning
Analytical Data Management : Aggregation & Navigation (Multi-Dimensional Representation, Aggregation and Summaries, Exploratory Processing (Unification, Enrichment, Simulation)
Authoritative Data Management : Multi-Entity Management, Common Authoritative Data Model, Relationship Management, Entity Consolidation, Entity Lifecycle Management,Entity Publication
Enterprise Content Management : Repository, Document, Digital asset, Web Content, Imaging, process and Information Rights Mamangement
Metadata Management : Introspection, Impact Analysis, Data Lineage
Data Virtualization : Federation, Caching, Mediation, Routing, Policy Enforcement,Search ,Connectivity
1Information Access
1Information Services : Data Services, Analytical Query Services, Content and Spatial Services
1Provisioning Services : Data Ingestion, Analytical, Data Quality  and Repository Services
1Information Modeling.
Logical View
Information Consumption : Virtualization, Information as a Service
Information Acquistion : Ingestion with Latency,Topologies, Mechanism (Data Integration, Parallel Batch Processing ,Change Data Capture, Event Processing, Messaging Bus/Hub), Ingestion Patterns (Point to Point, Hub and Spoke); Replication and Synchronization
Information Organization: Areas of Responsibility (Staging Area,Foundation Area,Access and Performance Area, Content Area, Discovery Area), Big Data Processing, Enterprise Master Data Management (Operational MDM, Analytical MDM,  Multi-Entity, MDM Patterns with Virtual Hub, Centralized Hub, Consolidated Hub or Hybrid Hub)
Data Warehouse : Active Data Warehouse, Areas of Responsibility (Staging Area,Foundation Area,Access and Performance Area, Content Area, Authoritative Area,Content Area ), Patterns ( Conforming Data Marts, CentralizedHub and Spoke, Federated and Distributed)
Oracle Product Mapping View

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Une présentation du logiciel Informatica MDM HUB (Ex Siperian) et des concepts de Master Data Management (MDM) par un des principaux éditeurs du marché

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Une thèse sur les moteur de recherche : l'état de l'art et un projet pour une recherche ciblée et plus précises sur des thèmes particulier.